We were both surprised and delighted to receive a superb book review by Rosalind Stanwell-Smith, Honorary Senior Lecturer, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in the Royal Society for Public Health’s journal Perspectives in Public Health (September 2018, 138 (5) pp. 287). Several of the ‘pioneers’ selected had a profound influence on the history and development of housing and living environments. Our book covers Edwin Chadwick, Thomas Fresh, George Smith, Margaret McMillan, Christopher Addison, Berthold Lubetkin, Margery Spring Rice, Dr John Snow, Sir Joseph Bazalgette, Sir John Simon, Charles Booth, George Cadbury and Dr William Duncan. We will return to the housing pioneer Christopher Addison in next month’s post and Berthold Lubetkin another time.

Meanwhile, here are some extracts from Stanwell-Smith’s review:

“The authors … to this readable book were asked to write about a pioneer for whom they had great regard, with an overall theme of examining how history informs current evidence-based policy …  The (book provides) … insight into the profound effects on beliefs and actions that arise from the era, values and attitudes into which we are born …”

Her review adds that: “Stewart’s conclusion to these inspiring accounts is that the battles for public health resonates with our contemporary activities and that some supposedly ‘old fashioned’ views are more progressive, radical and forward thinking than those held by many who are in a position to do something about public health today. This is a great book not only for students and new professionals but also for environmental health and public health practitioners. It will be invaluable for teaching … This book will convince you of this view and may help to develop the next generation of reformers and policy makers”.

Let’s hope so!

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We are expecting more reviews of our subsequent book Environmental Health and Housing: Issues for Public Health shortly.