Nick Hedges: Home

Nick Hedges really is the most astonishing documentary photographer. When I found that his book was going to be published, I just had to get a copy. Fifty year's on, his work for Shelter still provides impetus. You can read more about some of Nick's inspirations in his work here. I have worked in housing for [...]

Photo archives – discovering housing from the past

I was delighted to be asked to co-host Housing History Hour on 4thFebruary at 7pm (GMT) and this post draws together more online resources that can be helpful to those wishing to learn more. Please click here to see the #HouseHistoryHour Moments from that event. I am constantly finding new resources and am putting [...]

Children, housing and poverty in photographs

With thanks to the Childhood Trust for permission to use their mural above. Last month we visited the V&A and this month takes us to the Foundling Museum, not far from Kings Cross. Thomas Coram set up the original foundling hospital to take care of abandoned children in 1739. The hospital - or perhaps rather [...]

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The V&A, social housing and Robin Hood Gardens

One of the best things about living on the London underground is having such easy access to London's countless cultural venues and range of exhibitions. At first glance the V&A - a museum of art and design - may seem an unexpected place to host an exhibition about social housing. It's a small exhibition, but [...]

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Documentary photography and housing

I recently attended a documentary photography workshop. One question I had was how could I be braver about asking and taking photographs of people in their houses and then being able to use them for positive purposes? The tutor gave me a lengthy answer and the gist was about building relationships, building trust. There was [...]

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Red kites at home

I’ve been fascinated to watch the red kites creating their ‘home’ in a tree at the back of my garden. They are majestic birds, their vast wingspan soaring in rising air currents, looking strangely petite when perched in the trees, carefully surveying all around. Their cry is very distinctive, almost mammalian. The kites found the [...]

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Housing in photography

I’ve never had any doubt that amongst my greatest teaching and learning resources are my own photographs of different types and conditions of housing – they always have immediate and lasting impact. For this reason, over a period of years I have become more and more interested in how photographs – and other visual images [...]

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