Learning from documentary type films

A previous post looked at some films related to housing, and this post focuses on historical documentary type films that help us to understand what has happened in the past in addressing poor housing conditions, in particular area clearance and redevelopment programmes. This is a complex subject, involving not only physical housing conditions and management, [...]

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Some short films about older people and their housing

This post is a little collection of links to some short films about older people, their housing, health and social care needs: Ethel and Ernest Ethel and Ernest | Official Trailer  Bristol Ageing Better Animation - working with local organisations to help older people across the city live fulfilling lives. King’s Fund: Joined up Care (Sam’s [...]

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Top 12 films about housing and home

This post follows the earlier ones about books and music about the meaning of home and some of those books are also films and are included here. As mentioned and with the links from the earlier post, we can learn lots – perhaps even more – about what housing means from other perspectives and feelings that may fall [...]

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The V&A, social housing and Robin Hood Gardens

One of the best things about living on the London underground is having such easy access to London's countless cultural venues and range of exhibitions. At first glance the V&A - a museum of art and design - may seem an unexpected place to host an exhibition about social housing. It's a small exhibition, but [...]

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Living with Buildings: Health and Architecture

The Wellcome Collection deliver some really good exhibitions and I have been to many over the years. This one is one of their best and it's on until 3rd March 2019. Living with Buildings: Health and Architecture  is good because it combines buildings with literature and art, so is right up my street for sure. The [...]

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Two estates, two novels

There are two novels written about the estates we are thinking about in this post, as different in many ways as the estates themselves. The estates are very interrelated and mutually used but they are completely divided by a railway line. Locals tend to refer to each of the estates respectively as ‘over the other side’ [...]

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Hospital to Home

In last month’s blog we went to Margate and that’s where we start again this month. Margate’s seaside heritage is exemplified by the Royal Sea Bathing Hospital built practically on the seafront in the 1790s, back in the days when sea air and sea bathing were considered to cure all manner of diseases. This hospital [...]

Flats, Mary, Mungo & Midge, and (The) Arsenal

YouTube clip also available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-jNMS0hVVc Who remembers Mary, Mungo and Midge? I’d always thought it was in black and white, and this YouTube is the first time I have ever seen it in colour! Richard Baker narrated the stories in his very deep voice, about Mary, who lived with her dog and pet mouse, in [...]

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Where’s Cathy now?

Last night I finally got to see I, Daniel Blake in my local cinema. It was only showing for one night and it was full, with people waiting hopefully for returned tickets. Having always worked in housing, so many of those film characters were familiar, both those administering processes and decisions, and those receiving them. [...]

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