Photo archives – discovering housing from the past

I was delighted to be asked to co-host Housing History Hour on 4thFebruary at 7pm (GMT) and this post draws together more online resources that can be helpful to those wishing to learn more. Please click here to see the #HouseHistoryHour Moments from that event. I am constantly finding new resources and am putting [...]

How housing makes us feel: poetry about our need for decent homes

Amanda Gorman’s recital at Biden’s inauguration demonstrated once again the power of poetry and its value in communicating feelings that may otherwise be difficult to express, particular around power and powerlessness, hope or hopelessness and our sense of belief in being able to effect change, or not. This poet laureate has me inspired to finalise [...]

Housing and dignity: an inspirational quote

In a month which has seen an astonishing number of highs and lows, with many working tirelessly to help address the Covid-19 pandemic as part of and alongside supporting other things we value, it is important to draw inspiration and hope where we can. Many years ago I carried out some work on the post [...]

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Two artists and their homes

At a recent event I was reminded of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe, whom I knew to be American and prominent in 1920s modern art. Sometimes things seem to come back to you for a reason and unexpectedly, I also had Frida Kahlo on my mind, and her Blue House in Mexico. It prompted me to [...]

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‘Top 10’ books about housing and home

When I started this blog in January 2017, I mentioned two particular ‘housing’ books and I have since meant to write more, but events keep taking over and I have covered other housing things instead. It has always been clear to me that housing is not just about policy or conditions, but what housing means [...]

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