Housing Health Creativity

Dr Jill Stewart PhD


Welcome to this site. Housing and health form the basis of what I do on a variety of fronts as an author, editor, lecturer and photographer. Here I bring these together and think about what homes and health mean now and have meant in the past. I also hope to encourage wider interest in housing through a more engaging approach.

Why do people live  as and where they do? Why is some housing great, and some housing grim? How else do people live and where do they sleep? How can we better promote and humanise housing through design, film and literature?

I have written a range of books around the subject of housing, health and safety over a period of years. It can be a challenge to create interest and inspiration in subjects that can be controversial, complex and at times, a bit depressing. My books have however been described as excellent, energising and refreshing and able to present complex issues in a clear and easy to understand format. Besides books, I have written a range of other publications and blogs as well as numerous chapters and papers on issues including researching environmental health, tower blocks, children living in poor privately rented housing and meeting older people’s needs as they age in place.

This website represents my own views and not any organisations to which I am affiliated.