‘Top 10’ books about housing and home

When I started this blog in January 2017, I mentioned two particular ‘housing’ books and I have since meant to write more, but events keep taking over and I have covered other housing things instead. It has always been clear to me that housing is not just about policy or conditions, but what housing means [...]

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Children, housing and poverty in photographs

With thanks to the Childhood Trust for permission to use their mural above. Last month we visited the V&A and this month takes us to the Foundling Museum, not far from Kings Cross. Thomas Coram set up the original foundling hospital to take care of abandoned children in 1739. The hospital - or perhaps rather [...]

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Two estates, two novels

There are two novels written about the estates we are thinking about in this post, as different in many ways as the estates themselves. The estates are very interrelated and mutually used but they are completely divided by a railway line. Locals tend to refer to each of the estates respectively as ‘over the other side’ [...]

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