I’ve been fascinated to watch the red kites creating their ‘home’ in a tree at the back of my garden. They are majestic birds, their vast wingspan soaring in rising air currents, looking strangely petite when perched in the trees, carefully surveying all around. Their cry is very distinctive, almost mammalian.

The kites found the place they wanted to be, worked tirelessly as a team, relentlessly swooped in and out bringing what they needed to build and create their nest together. It’s been an ongoing, skilled process, a determined couple creating somewhere to nurture their offspring in a place and style that suits.

I put up a robin box and blue tit box in the garden, but they chose to nest elsewhere, not liking the position of my choosing. Sometimes a woodpecker visits, but never for long. There are fieldfares and finches too. The kites on the other hand have most definitely made this place their home. They are wonderful to watch. They are very welcome.

There are messages and metaphors in this: people need to live where they need to be. Housing is a process encompassing change and not an end product of providing what is needed, for different stages of life events. The kites are safe and secure – with a sense of tenure – up in the trees. They can raise their offspring according to the laws of nature. They instinctively know what they need to do.

We should, too.