As we’re all struggling to keep our spirits up in the cold and wet at this time of the year it’s time to think of sunnier times and escape and where we might be ‘living’ for a while on our travels or holidays.

My friend’s parents had an orange VW kombi in the 1970s and I think I wanted one even back then. Finally – some years back – we had one (it had to be a VW) and took off as far east to Poland and as far south as southern Spain, even able look across the sea to Africa. They were good times, at home and on the move.

But was it home? Yes for us and for that time, for sure. We lived in there for weeks on end, cooked, slept, moved on. We found beautiful places to stay and some terrible places. We saw things we would not have seen saying in other accommodation. We parked up in the mountains, near rivers, at the coast. It had everything we needed to keep going and we knew it inside and out.

But things change and the VW had to go. I can’t pass a VW kombi now without having a look and seeing one as a thing of beauty (I know that others think this too…) where I know people will be enjoying ‘home’ and really wishing I had one again. Last year a caravan pulled by and on the back it read: ‘home is where you park it’. There’s certainly some truth in that.

Next month I’m going to continue the holiday theme, but instead of romantic ideas of camper vans, think instead about what became of the English seaside town and why many now live and try to create home in a place where others once holidayed.