Dr Addison and the Sanitary Inspectors

As it’s the centenary of the Addison Act, it’s worth focusing once again on what housing conditions would be like if left entirely to the market and why properly funded council housing is essential if we are to ensure that everyone has somewhere decent, secure and affordable to call home. Each of these three terms [...]

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Nature in the garden

Whilst some animal species are very welcome into the garden - such as Red Kites - others are a little less so. These include wasps. Check out the very brave snail in the photo! However it is impossible not to admire the attention and skill that goes into their beautiful nests, constructed from nature, and [...]

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Red kites at home

I’ve been fascinated to watch the red kites creating their ‘home’ in a tree at the back of my garden. They are majestic birds, their vast wingspan soaring in rising air currents, looking strangely petite when perched in the trees, carefully surveying all around. Their cry is very distinctive, almost mammalian. The kites found the [...]

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If “we believe that children are our future…”

Back in 2001 I had my first book published; Environmental Health and Housing. My publisher told me he expected that I would go onto write more. I said that I doubted it: everything I knew was at that point in that book and I doubted I would ever have it in me to write another. [...]

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GUEST BLOG: Apocalypse Soon

I am delighted to post this guest blog from artist Joseph Goddard about his recent exhibition The Structure of Collapse at Arts Depot I was lucky enough to be able to attend. IMG_2105 I approach my work with a manifesto – to capture the sense of urgency I feel about our current climate, an urgency [...]

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Housing and music

Hearing a piece of music can bring memories of time and place, and there is plenty of music about housing. Let’s start with a YouTube gritty backdrop to East London Ghettos. We are told here: “There is a misconception that London is all sunny and a happy place. This is what the media cover and don't [...]

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Life aboard: canal and river moorings

Sometimes it’s hard to know what stimulates an interest in something for us, but for me in my childhood I am also certain that what introduced me to canals was not just living near to the Grand Union Canal and watching the locks fill and empty, but also the Ladybird book: The Story of Our [...]

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Housing in photography

I’ve never had any doubt that amongst my greatest teaching and learning resources are my own photographs of different types and conditions of housing – they always have immediate and lasting impact. For this reason, over a period of years I have become more and more interested in how photographs – and other visual images [...]

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Denton Road, Stonebridge Park, NW10

Denton Road still appears on my old edition of the London A-Z but apart from that, practically all traces of it have vanished. I’ve never been able to find a photo in an archive, or a snippet of written information from decision makers on what happened to all those people who lived there, and why [...]

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Where’s Cathy now?

Last night I finally got to see I, Daniel Blake in my local cinema. It was only showing for one night and it was full, with people waiting hopefully for returned tickets. Having always worked in housing, so many of those film characters were familiar, both those administering processes and decisions, and those receiving them. [...]

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