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Learning from documentary type films

A previous post looked at some films related to housing, and this post focuses on historical documentary type films that help us to understand what has happened in the past in addressing poor housing conditions, in particular area clearance and redevelopment programmes. This is a complex subject, involving not only physical housing conditions and management, [...]

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Covid -19 and home

Covid-19 and the lockdown have bought the meaning of home into sharper focus and has exposed inequality and inequity with great clarity. The meaning of home has shifted for all of us. Where concepts of home have been associated with security, autonomy, a basis for development and growth, this is not the case for all. [...]

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Housing and dignity: an inspirational quote

In a month which has seen an astonishing number of highs and lows, with many working tirelessly to help address the Covid-19 pandemic as part of and alongside supporting other things we value, it is important to draw inspiration and hope where we can. Many years ago I carried out some work on the post [...]

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Productive at home during lockdown

For many of us, gardening is not just a lockdown activity, it's always been an enriching part of our home lives. Now, with this glorious weather, and the strange concept that time has become, I appreciate and know how blessed I am to have a garden. But with this feeling of productive creativity, I am also [...]

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Covid-19: new meanings of home

We knew it was coming: we watched in horror as the Covid-19 revealed itself in Italy, then Spain. No one should be surprised with what is now happening in the UK. We have spoken to family, friends, heard their stories of themselves, their friends. These become our stories too. Everyone if affected. Everything is changing; [...]

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Beautiful housing

This month I'm doing nothing more than posting two pictures of a beautiful house, in this case William Morris' Red House, in Bexleyheath, Kent. As someone recently said, the arts are helping many people manage their days just now. Other news at the moment is too enormous to take in, so I hope this provides [...]

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Two artists and their homes

At a recent event I was reminded of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe, whom I knew to be American and prominent in 1920s modern art. Sometimes things seem to come back to you for a reason and unexpectedly, I also had Frida Kahlo on my mind, and her Blue House in Mexico. It prompted me to [...]

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MODA: That feels like home

Having worked in housing now for some 30 years, lots of things have pushed me outside of my comfort zone: some by choice, some by necessity, some by invite. Most recently, I have participated for the first time in a Podcast with the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MODA) about meanings of home. This uses MoDA’s [...]

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The Addison Act’s centenary year comes to a close

As the centenary year of the Addison Act comes to a close this post briefly looks at some of the events to mark and celebrate the occasion. We’ve already looked at the wonderfully creative work at Bristol, but other events have included conferences and guided visits to some Addison inspired estates. The tour of the [...]

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Bristol: Hillfields Homes for Heroes project

I am delighted to post this with kind permission from Local Learning, whom I was lucky to meet at a recent event where we were both presenting. Their work creatively showcases the importance of Addison and his contribution to 'homes for heroes' centenary in the Bristol area, whilst demonstrating the importance of housing for all [...]

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